China Mosaic and Tile Professional Supplier
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10/27/2012 12:09:36 AM
China Mosaic and Tile Professional Supplier
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China Tile and Mosaic Supplier,Ceramic Tile,Glass Mosaic,Mosaic Tiles Supplier and Exporter from China.

Jade Mosaic like creamy, oil sheen, naked intrinsic, thick and moist, dense clock management firm, juicy transparent, when facing the sun seems like jade liquid flow. It has a special photoelectric effect, during friction and twist roll process, could gather thermal energy storage to form an electromagnetic field in the computer equivalent of a resonator, which causes the body to resonate, to promote body? site, organ a more coordinated and precise operation, so as to achieve emotional stability, balance the role of physiological function. Jade beneficial to the human body contains more than ten kinds of trace elements zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese and so on. These elements are very active in the jade, worn the actual occurrence of these trace elements are often easily absorbed through the skin in the human body, which can balance the body disorders, keep people health care longevity. Jade Mosaic simple designs makes your living room immediately became the focus of attention, simple, elegant, high-end renovation to bring living room as a natural, simple and elegant place, highlight the user simple lifestyle. New design gives the visual impact of the living room.
The material is natural marble,we can do many sizes ,designs and the surface can do matt , polished ,honed,upand down, special . Stone mosaic a popular natural environmental protection building material . is widely used for the outside wall ,inside decoration, like : hotel ,home ,park view, recreational place, forest park, garden villa, club , office, etc... take pepole back to nature . We have the following products : 1. marble mosaic: We have many kinds of marble mosaic,like crama mafil ,egypt yellow,travertino,emprador etc ...many different size and surface finishing ,like matt,polished ,rock,round,arcuate,rustic ,concavo-convex etc... 2. mosaic picture : We can do the mosaic pictures at different sizes as the customer want,like 1.2*1.2m,2*2m ,6*6m etc... and It can be used at the entrance or center of the room ,looks beautiful. 3. marble water cutting picture : many sizes and designs ,the customer give us the picture ,we can make the same .

Ceramic Wood Tile

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Sell Cultured Stone, Cultural Stone, Culture Stone, Man-made Culture Brick, Ancient Brick, Wall Brick, Art Stone, Exterior Wall Tile, External Wall Tiles, Clay Split Brick and more. Manufacturers and Suppliers in China (mainland).

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Glazed Exterior Wall tile, unglazed exterior wall tile, clay split tile and bricks etc. From the smallest size 23X23mm to the largest one 400X800mm exterior wall tiles.

Exterior Wall Tile

The three times burning craft close union making the crystal polished tile anti-slip, health care massage, acid and alkali resistibility. crystal polished tile is suitable for the different fitment places, because it can combine each kind of designs together. Widely used in guesthouses, hotels, entertainment centers, bath centers, upscale villas as well as the family fitment on platform, aisle, and background wall and so on. It enables each place all turn out to be fashion and perfect.

crystal polished tile

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We supply Glass Block, Hollow Glass Brick, Glass Paver Block, Artistic Blocks from China and Thailand.

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