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New Style Hexagon Tiles for House Decoration

Posted By on November 26, 2015

Hexagon TileThe origin of hexagon tiles can be traced back to the Roman Times. It can be flexibly formed with various kind of surface. Such as flower pattern, pure color style, wood look like effect,etc. There is no doubt that the hexagon tile will be the most popular trend of house decoration materials in the world.

Antique tile can create a new look for your home, it is suitable for wall and floor construction, even in kitchen and bathroom.As hexagon tiles are a popular trend in the world for house design, why not bring it to your bedroom, kitchen or bathroom right now? For walls and floors, a mixed design of various pattern and style allowed you to create an eye-catching patchwork. Leiyuan offered a wide range design of rustic tiles, why not order a sample from us ?

Explore the possibility of using porcelain hexagon tile for your home or office space, and find out more about why this material is a good long term investment as well as a beautiful option for your design needs. The inclusion in the range of a hexagonal tile size, for use as a decorative piece or an extension of the floor covering products, allows the creation of design schemes with a unique personality.

Why Tile Flooring Can Win Out in All Building Materials?

Posted By on September 10, 2015

26Tile is one of the most popular floor decorative building materials in the world. You may see some alternate floor types in certain homes and buildings in the area, like mosaic, real wood. But tile of all colors and sizes are the predominant material used in flooring. And then you may wondering if there is a particular reason as to why this is the case, especially if you are now considering to make a new decoration on your home or office flooring. Actually, there are three primary reasons why tile flooring wins out in the world: cost, density and durability.

After all, tile flooring is more economical than any other decorative building materials, Why? because it is less expensive to maintain. Tiles, no matter ceramic tile or porcelain tile, are more stain resistance than marble, carpeting and other types of flooring. If you spill a glass of red wine on tile, you simply just need to clean it up. If you spill a glass of red wine on carpet or marble and don’t get it up fast enough, it’s a stain you may never get out.

Tile is denser than other flooring materials. This big advantage helps tile to add insulation to the floor. This, in turn, can reduce your electric bill by helping with the energy efficiency in the room and ultimately . Tile tends to hold the coolness of the room as well, which helps to keep the room cooler.

Tile is usually less likely to creak, crack, need repair or replacement over other types of flooring because it is very durable. If using tile, you tend to have to replace tile flooring less frequently than carpet or other types of floors because of wear and tear issues. Tile holds up much better in high traffic areas of your home or office.

Tile is also easier to keep clean from water activities like the beach or pool, or from having your family traipse in and out from the outside world. That is why many households and offices would like to choose tile flooring. Tile floors always save money because it is easier to clean and only need less maintain. And what’s more, tile can endure higher traffic and other wear and tear than its floor counterparts.

Ceramic Backsplash Tile Makes Kitchen Beautiful and Elegant

Posted By on August 14, 2015

Cheap_TilesIf you are going to give your kitchen a smart decoration, ceramic tile backsplash is a good choice. After all, kitchen is the space in the home where you spend a lot of time. Thus then, how to design the kitchen in a way that can inspires you and also makes it interesting for you to work becomes very important. The kitchen backsplash tile not only increase the beauty of your kitchen but also adds to the practical aspect of it. Ceramic backsplash tile is one of the most beautiful and cost effective way to protect you walls and makes the cleaning process become easy for you.

Ceramic acksplash tile can adds as a protective layer to your kitchen wall and makes it easy to maintain it in pristine condition. The ceramic tile is an elegant and stylish way to do up the kitchen without running up a huge bill. The ceramic backsplash can be designed as the way you dream to and can make your kitchen become a beautiful part of the home in no time. And what’s more, it is easy and quick to lay the ceramic tile backsplash.

Before you begin to decorate the kitchen, first it is important to decide on the complete backsplash design. You need to take the correct measurements so that you can know the exact tiles quantity that you are needed. Once the groundwork about planning for the kitchen ceramic backsplash tile is complete, when you can spring into action is the next stage . The tile needs to be cut as per the design requirements and thus, you need to have all the tools and implements that would be able to make your work easy and quick. It requires attention to detail when laying the adhesive and then the grout. You must work carefully so that the finish is good and your ceramic backsplash tile can look great. You must allow the ceramic tile backsplash enough time to dry and set properly. While laying the tile it is important to take care that the work is done as per the plans so that you get the desired results.

The ceramic kitchen backsplash tile may be a work that you add to meet the functional requirements. But what is more important to consider? If you done with some creativity and thought, ceramic backsplash kitchen tile can be a good work of art. Kitchen backsplash is surely one that you would admire and appreciate no matter it is just a simple and plain ceramic tile backsplash or an elaborate work of art the ceramic tile. The ceramic backsplash tile is going to brighten up your kitchen space and make it an interesting and beautiful part of your home.

Subway Tile Is A Classic That Never Goes Out of Style

Posted By on July 23, 2015

ceramic subway tile_tileexport.comHave you ever dream of giving your kitchen a classic, almost-whimsical look? A kitchen backsplash of subway tile is by far one of the simplest ways to do just that as you need. These ceramic tiles are also strategically arranged to create colorful mosaics, designs as well as signs for commuters. New subway tiles are installed in the tunnels each year to keep the classic look while making the system more cheerful and pleasant to the eye.

Why the use of subway style tiles, particularly in kitchen backsplashes become so popular? That’s mostly due to a number of compelling benefits. For starters, subway tiles are remarkably resistant to stains because of the ability of ceramic to resist moisture. This is precisely the reason why glazed and even unglazed subway ceramic tiles are so easy to clean. Consequently, ceramic is a great material for hygiene-sensitive areas (think kitchens and bathroom shower walls) since its surface is poor at retaining allergens and odors from smoke and fumes. But more importantly, these colorful subway tiles are cheaper than glass mosaics and stainless steel tiles, allowing for cheap kitchen renovations.
On the aesthetic side of things, the ceramic subway tile is an excellent choice because its color is fired directly into its body, which ensuring that it does never fade, even when exposed to direct sunlight. Their simple yet classic appearance also makes it easy to match furniture and paint with these subway tiles. Their simplistic appearance makes them a popular choice in kitchens that have a country feel or theme.
Although ceramic subway tiles normally come in white, new designs and variety of colors have been produced over the years, allowing the humble subway tile to be used in contemporary and modern homes decoration. Even the sizes of subway tiles have changed from the classic 3×6-inch tile, with many kitchens now featuring 4×8, 4×10 and 4×4 tiles in different finishes and textures, including glossy and matte. New trends include a specialized kitchen backsplash of subway glass tile, giving off a shine and glossy look.

What You Should Know About Terracotta?

Posted By on June 30, 2015

terracottaTerracotta is a clay-type material that is baked and used in a variety of applications. The term terracotta can relate to either its orange-red coloring or mean baked earth in Italian. The actual source can have an impact on its color. European sourced terracotta is an orange-brown color and in Mexico it comes with more of a pinkish hue. This baked earth is fired in a kiln to give strength and hardness. Common uses include architectural ornamentation, garden pots and floor or wall tiles.

Terracotta has been in use for thousands of years. Its use dates back to early Rome and Greece. Common uses included pathways, walls, floors and roof tiles. Originally, tiles were shaped using basic hand-tools and left outside in the sun to slowly harden. This process was later made more efficient with the use of ovens.

Early sculpture has been discovered across the world. Over the years, many pieces of ancient art work have been unearthed. The long-term survival of many of these pieces demonstrates the strength and durability of this material. A well documented discovery includes the Terracotta Warriors in China. This dates back some 2000+ years. This ancient burial site includes 8000+ statues. Many are still perfectly preserved.

Ancient terracotta also provided many practical uses. This material was a common choice for olive oil, medicine, herb and food containers. It was also a preferred choice for producing burial containers. Archaeological digs in African continue to unearth an endless collection of simple and rough built stoneware for use in the home.

Using the latest glazing techniques, this baked earth material is now widely used to produce smooth and attractive stoneware for use in today’s home. Modern glazing methods help to produce practical items like dinnerware, vases, serving pieces and flower pots, as well as many intricate designed sculptures.

Terracotta is widely used for producing high-quality ceramics. The ceramics are placed in a kiln or oven for about one week to let the material dry and harden. It is than painted with a design or color scheme before ending with the glazing. To make the ceramics food safe, they will repeat the firing process a second time.

It can also play a significant role in the construction of buildings. This material is appreciated in the building industry for its dirt-resistant properties, durability and light weight nature. It is also more cost-effective than using a close alternative like stone. The Royal Albert Hall and Victoria and Albert Museum in London made extensive use of terracotta during the Victorian Era.

Get a lot more information on the wide-ranging uses for terracotta in construction including the terracotta panel, terracotta baguette and terracotta tile & brick.

How To Building an Environmental Driveway?

Posted By on June 25, 2015

green grass gridWhen thinking of gravel driveways, people used to think of potholes, ruts and mud, but now there’s an easy Green solution for driveways! Before green grass grid was invented if you parked your car on grass it meant you would soon have a muddy mess. Now there’s a simple way to fix up mud issues and park your car on a green lawn – without damaging the look.

Imagine a place where those big black parking lots were gone – and you park on grass. Green parking lots, green driveways! Green grass grid is a fantastic new product that allows grass to grow – and lets you park on it! Because it supports and spreads out the weight of your car – there are no more ruts and the water flows into the ground. This virtually eliminates mud… and it can be used with gravel too. There are many examples of this permeable paving grid that create green parking lots, gravel driveways, and even horse paddocks.

There are many new products available that can directly impact the environment – in a good way – and products like Green grass grid manufactured by Leiyuan Industrial Company Limited is one such an invention. In the world where parking lots and driveways are a standard feature – there are a lot of new innovations like the Green grass grid called permeable paving. Yes, there is an asphalt alternative! Cement will crack and heave….so why not look a some green, driveable product that will last for decades?

Leiyuan is an expert on green driveways. If you have interests, please feel free to contact us for more detail.

Why Not Make Your Bathroom Floor Tile Beauty By Using Hexagon Tile?

Posted By on June 22, 2015

Hexagon TileIf you want to make your bathroom an elegant look, choose hexagon tile. You may find that you enjoy the look of porcelain tile in the hexagonal shape. Hexagon tiles go back to the days of Roman Baths; the exquisite marble is legendary, completely charming and very European looking. Adding these tiles can add brightness to your bathroom. Hexagon porcelain tiles can come in a rainbow of colors. The pattern has been very popular for centuries, found in some of the most noted palaces throughout history.

When searching for hexagon tile for your bathroom you do not want them to be slippery when you have a wet floor as this is obviously a safety hazard and may lead to unnecessary injuries due to slipping. Besides that, make sure that your tiles are water proof. There are many types such as terra cotta and limestone; these materials are not so suitable for surfaces that are subject to stain and damp. Moroccan tiles are used on the floor or walls since they are glazed and they are not hard to maintain.

Deciding what kind of hexagon tile you will use with its variations can depend largely on where you are going to use it and who is going to be sharing it with you. Ask yourself how busy is your household and that will give you an idea as to how and what kind of tile you want to use. Looking at the beauty of hexagon tile makes you understand why this particular tile is in such high demand. Each tile gives the impression of an unending sheet, it is difficult to tell where one piece ends and another begins, a continuation of flowing beauty.

Hexagon tiles can be magnificently colored, bringing out hues in walls and furnishings with clarity. They have been placed in homes adorning sun rooms and garden porches; the beauty of this material has been passed down through the annals of time. It has survived wars and floods and is both durable and exquisite; these pieces of art can bring you into a special place of memory and contentment. Hexagon tiles, depending upon the color, can blend the sun and the colors of the earth to make a pleasing addition to the atmosphere of your home.

If you decide to go with hexagon tile for your bathroom floor tiles and achieve the right colors and materials that match your room, you will have a bathroom which you can be proud of and enjoy using everyday. Not to mention all the compliments which you are sure to get from any guests in your home. So good luck with your remodeling project, and make sure you have fun along the way!

You can learn more about hexagon porcelain tile, and get much more information, articles and resources about bathroom tiles at tileinchina.com.


Artificial Culture Stone Helps You Saving Money

Posted By on June 16, 2015

Artificial_Culture_Stone_From_China_LeiyuanHome builders today are challenged as never before to deliver quality homes at affordable prices. The current economic climate — reduced access to credit, lower prices, and nervous investors — means builders must compete in a tough buyer’s market. It’s essential to reduce costs wherever possible.

Yet, home buyers still demand top quality and enduring beauty.

Increasingly, builders are solving this dilemma by taking advantage of modern materials like artificial stone veneer, sometimes referred to as a stone facing, manufactured stone, or faux stone. This remarkable material makes possible fresh and innovative designs, greater flexibility, and reduced costs, all adding up to the ever-important curb appeal that attracts qualified buyers.

Out With The Old

Traditional brick is a proven building material and has been used for centuries. But it is also expensive, both in its initial cost and in the added costs of shipping, masonry labor, and reinforced foundations required to support its extra weight.

To counter these drawbacks, builders have lately turned to vinyl siding, drawn by its cheaper cost, lighter weight, and easier installation. But these advantages are not enough to overcome a major drawback: the tendency to use the siding in unimaginative, even boring designs.

The popularity of brick and the convenience of vinyl siding has inhibited creativity and led to a rash of new subdivisions filled with repetitive designs that look as if they all came off the same assembly line. Limiting themselves to these conventional materials means many builders miss opportunities to attract new and design-conscious buyers.

In With The New

Countering this trend, savvy builders have discovered the range of possibilities provided by artificial stone veneer. Modeled after natural stone and virtually indistinguishable from the original, artificial stone veneer is manufactured from a formulation of Portland cement, natural aggregates, and carefully selected pigments. Durable, light weight, and easy to work with, the material can substitute for wall stone in both interior and exterior projects ranging from chimneys and fireplaces, to fences, pillars, stone walls, and stone facings.

There is also the option to add stone veneer to popular traditional materials like wood siding, stucco, and board-and-batten, giving your home a custom-built look at affordable prices. Now, in combination with stone veneer accents, these techniques make possible unique designs that are more attractive then vinyl siding and less expensive than traditional brick.

Leiyuan is a professional manufacturer of culture stone, we give customers, builders and renovators even more options for creating stunning stone designs to attract buyers and increase the value of a home. For your security, we offer a 50-year warranty on every stone they sell, keeping you covered for generations to come.

Do You Really Know What Is Plastic Grass Grid?

Posted By on June 11, 2015

Plastic Grass Grids are interlocking pavers that can be planted with turf grass to create a lawn surface that can withstand pedestrian and automobile traffic. The grid structure of the plastic pavers typically is made of HDPE and is a honeycomb-shaped lattice. The lattice design creates a rigid surface that can support weight without compacting the soil and the roots of the grass. Plastic pavers typically are used for parking lots, pedestrian paths, driveways, golf cart paths, soccer fields and other recreational surfaces.

Plastic paver grids are made from recycled post-consumer waste high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and are lighter in weight than concrete paver grids. Plastic grids are ideal for light- to medium-traffic areas, and concrete grids are ideal for higher traffic areas. Both types are relatively easy to install, and after being locked into place, they are filled with a mixture of topsoil, sand and gravel. After the grass has grown in and is fully established, concrete pavers typically show more of the underlying grid structure than the grids made of plastic.

The main disadvantage of interlocking turf pavers is that they are more expensive than regular lawn, concrete or asphalt surfaces. The cost of the grids varies by brand and also depends on the design requirements of the project. Green grass pavers also need to be maintained just like a regular lawn, including watering, fertilizing and mowing. Lattice pavers can also be filled with a sand-and-gravel mixture and left unplanted, if a lawn is not desired.

The main advantage of turf grids is that they form a permeable surface that stabilizes the soil and allows rain to infiltrate through into the ground. They can be incorporated into a landscape design as a form of stormwater management, providing for drainage and filtration while reducing runoff. Allowing rainfall to percolate into the groundwater reduces the burden on other drainage and water management systems. By stabilizing the soil, lawn grid pavers control erosion, and they can be installed on slopes or in other areas where erosion is a concern.

Why Choose Green Roof Design?

Posted By on June 4, 2015

green roof design from greening-solution.comThe concepts and benefits of green roof construction are beginning to be more and more widely known by folks in forward thinking communities. Why this new method of covering the top portion of a house or residential building can become increasingly popular? One reason is because of the important ecological benefits of green roofs, another reason is due to the major energy savings and heat preservation capacities. However, another aspect of the green roof design has been drawing the attention of real estate agents and interested homeowners nowadays and this is the overall value of the structure which ultimately increases as a result of such modern day construction methods.

The eco-friendly living systems and related technologies are becoming a part of our lives and renovating our buildings to allow us to integrating them has proven to be extremely beneficial on multiple levels. One of the most notable results of installing a green roof is the fact that it shows the open-mindedness and innovative spirit of the house owner. Green roofs are a definite status symbol as well. The truth of the matter is that we are still living in an age where it is believed that only the richest members of society can afford such alternative construction and, therefore, having one of these roofs installed on your own building can speak volumes about your earnings. However, the money savings and low energy consumption generated by these green rooftops can work wonders on your monthly bills. The bill will seriously shrink since they keep the heat (in the winter) or cold (in the summer) exactly where it is needed; in your house.

In addition to this, installing an ecological roofing option can be seen as a highly positive example for the residents of the household or even the entire community because its members will see the changes and slowly but surely adhere to them. If you have small children and youngsters living in the building or if you are the manager of a public institution with important roots in influencing the crowds, such as a school or community centre, then it is of the highest importance that you set the proper example and start promoting an eco-friendly living space.

Last, but not least, there is another aspect that has generated the above mentioned increase in popularity and this is the overall value of the residence. We all know that making changes and modernizing a building leads to its increase in price, but few have considered that turning an old fashioned residence into a cutting edge “green home” could even double its worth, in some cases. This is one of the first aspects that real estate agents and appraisers look for in homes nowadays, so if you want to keep the standards high and invest in your living space, then sustainable is the way to go. Apart from the traditional and energy saving benefits greening your rooftop has on your home, these trend setting and educational issues also have to be taken into account, no to mention the fact that everybody is looking for a newer and better way of raising the price of the home without having to put a tremendous strain on the family budget.

Leiyuan Industrial is a professional manufacturer of green roof materials and green roof products, including drainage cell, grass grid, non-woven fabric etc. For more details, please visit our website www.greening-solution.com