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3/30/2016 6:34:52 AM
Item No.:YG228

Item No.: YG228
Material: Fusible glass mosaic 
Apply place: for the wall, also can be used for the floor 
Packing: paper cartons with pallets, 20sheets/carton 
Weight: 5kgs/sqm
Price: (only for the user)[Register Now]
Remark: Stained glass Tiffany glass mosaic is extended abroad, with over a thousand years of history, its unique color texture, such as ink-like scene in elegant, the color as much as several hundred, even a piece of glass in all presented with a natural color shades changes used in the mosaic, especially in painting colorful spell gorgeous, easy-going transition of natural, stained glass mosaic showing ../../advanced personalized charm. In addition to color, surface texture is not only beautiful, with multicolored pearl, fog light, coupled with the uneven effects of shading even more stained glass mosaic, such as water line goes, so different colors of glass have shown him a different character! After high temperature firing, all the colors do not fade with. In addition, he's unique translucent effect, by the refraction of light, but also a complete surprise people can not imagine the effect, used in a variety of crafts, decorations put on all his great classic glory! Another cut stained glass mosaics strong variability, whether the bar of varying lengths or circular arc triangle, cutting staff in the hands of both random it can demonstrate a variety of vivid perfectly shaped aura effect. Used in all kinds of upscale hotels, entertainment, home improvement background wall, will you bring a different surprise! To different spatial creativity! Tiffany also with effect from the same mosaic made crafts, stained glass crafts, all kinds of decoration, so that the product Art Deco and more personalized set of! 

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